Become a Trainee

Innovate Trust provides support and guidance to disabled people. Our main work is to support people with learning disabilities, but we also support individuals with mental health conditions and people with physical impairments.

Park View is a busy café, with a continual stream of customers throughout the day, that peaks over the lunch period. In this sense it offers an ideal work experience scenario for people who are approaching the stage of applying for paid employment positions in the open labour market. The café has a good reputation to maintain which requires confident and skilled people to operate.
Vocational skills can be honed at the café, including customer care, food hygiene and preparation, responding to orders and strong team working skills.

Each trainee is appointed a mentor who works with them to design a bespoke personal development plan incorporating their identified training needs and career aspirations. Training placements are flexible but are designed to be time limited with a clearly identified progression route. This process is supported so that, post- training, the mentor will support the client into the next stage of their development, whether this be Supported Employment, Volunteering or Further Education. Our placements aim to be holistic in their approach with mentors also assisting our trainess to overcome other obstacles that they might face in accessing employment (for example transport issues/domestic arrangements/benefit advice).

Like our other placements, trainees have the opportunity to receive accreditation for the training they have undertaken to achieve recognised qualifications, through our OCN scheme, and also our partnership with Barry College.